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Registration and Activation Services for dot ca names

Register and Receive Online Services for .com and other Domain Names here

Registration and Activation Services for dot ca names

All Canadians lookup register activate and renew dot ca names here

Lookup a domain name and register it right here. Enter the domain name of the .ca domain you want to look up or register in the domain lookup search box. It's the first step to registering a domain name. Then click the button to search available names. Enter your domain name and renew it here. Once registered, domains must be renewed every year like a license. Keep anyone else from using the domain, even if you're not using it. Thinking about using your domain? Take advantage of email and web services, free with domain renewal. Activate your domain name with the website bundle and save...

Domains in Canada start with

5 Minutes :: On-line :: Global is the domain lookup search engine, domain registration and domain activation service for dot ca domain names. Use the free whois .ca domain lookup to check on the availability of a .ca domain name. If the domain name you want is available, everything else you need, to register it as yours, is right here. Only for Canadians, Canadian companies and owners of Trademarks registered with Industry Canada. Domain names may be up to 50 characters. Only letters, numbers and dashes. No spaces, no underscores, no punctuation, special or international characters.

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Use the free whois .ca search engine lookup to check the status of a .ca domain name registration already in progress. Popular low cost activation services are available when you're ready to put your domain on line. Bundles of activation solutions for domains like, website hosting, DNS, domain re-direction, email forwarding, URL redirection, and more all bundled so you save...

.ca domain registration is now easier

restrictions have been lifted and we're right here to help you fill in the form.

You must complete a registration form which qualifies you to own a .ca domain. Our caWizard helps you fill in the form correctly so it's even easier than ever before to register your domain quickly.

Registration Tools

.ca domain registration utilities are here to help

Use the registration utilities below to help you determine if you qualify to register a .ca domain. If you are not sure, register or use the caWizard. We will walk you through the application process. If your domain does not register, your registration fees are refunded 100% immediately.

Find information about registering a business in Canada: 
Government of Canada 
Provincial Government:

Ontario Business Licences 
Trademark application forms 
How your Trade-Mark application is processed 
Guide to Federal Incorporation

Registration services for the domain:
(PDF) Subdomains Instructions Domain Application form 
Look up registered businesses using the search sites below: 
Canada 411 
Alberta 411 
Yellow Pages 
Canadian Trademark Search 

Canadian Corporations Search
Corporation Name:

Enclose search in quotes, ie "corp name"

Provincial Corporations:

Not for Profit Corporations

Geographic Name Lookup:


We encourage you to promote the .ca domain to Canadians, Canadian Companies and to those owning Registered Canadian Trademarks.

As a resale partner affilate, you may register .ca domains in volume here. For over 10 years the .ca domain had been doubling or tripling in number every year. Even with restrictions on ownership. Now, that's all changed. Restrictions have been lifted and there are still many desireable names available. Even domains already registered as .com can be registered by a completely different domain owner as .ca

Auto populating forms for fast registration, re-registration and upgrades. 24 hour secure, password protected web administration to let you manage everything, anytime. DNS, domain only, parking, website and email services.

Registration Alternatives

other internet identities are available

We recognize that a domain name is a very important part of your Internet identity and that you may not find the .ca domain designation acceptable.

We strive to maintain the integrity of the .ca domain and to effect the registration of a domain name which meets 'your' criteria. Instead, you may elect to register .com, .net .org .info .us and other domain names domains here